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Who We Are

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Baptist Churches have been in WA for over 130 years, Mosaic South Perth, is connected with the Baptist Churches of Western Australia and seek to find meaningful ways to support, teach and connect with our local community.

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We believe that Jesus has many things to teach us about life, how we treat each other, and what our priorities should be.

Mosaic, originally South Perth Baptist Church, was founded in 1900 and since then has grown, and changed over the years.

Today, Mosaic South Perth seeks to find innovative and relatable ways of communicating the teachings, life and love that Jesus showed, and calls his followers to exhibit. The name Mosaic, aims to recognise that life is full of interconnected relationships, and when combined like in a mosaic picture, these can be seen as something beautiful. Through the various activities and gatherings that we do here in South Perth, we hope that in the same way, the mosaic formed will be focused on Jesus’ teachings and way of life, which we believe is good news for the world, and a very beautiful picture.

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