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Getting back on track

Mosaic Update

Steve, Janet and I went together today,  to check out the progress of our centre. 

Now that the rain has eased and the seasons have now started to reflect the the month, progress has increased and we are now back on track with the builders working hard towards a timely completion. 

Enrolments are now coming in steadily, with enquiries predominantly in our younger age groups. 

Janet or I will be in touch with everyone who has shown interest over the coming weeks to confirm expressions of interest and enrolments.  

We trust you will continue on this journey with us as we know that when we open, it will be well worth the faith you have put in us to deliver to you, and the whole community a space where every one will feel welcomed and nourished.

There will be many first time Mum's leaving their little ones in our care, and as parents ourselves, we understand this can be a time, where you need to take some time, to adjust to leaving your child. Every parent and child is different, even the most clingy child may surprise every one and transition into care seamlessly

 - others may not!

But that's OK as we are experienced in how to deal with the dynamics of separation and how to move forward to create happy goodbyes.

Have a look at our "Building Progress" tab for more photo's of the progress so far and we will be in touch soon.

Rose, Steve and Janet. 



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