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6 months down the track.....

Life is busy and none more so than at Mosaic. With dozens of new children and their families having joined us, we can now take a breath and look back with pride at how far we have come and what we have all achieved. 

The staff, the children and all of the families have been nothing short of amazing. Entrusting their precious ones to our care is no small step and we thank you for choosing Mosaic to allow your children to be nurtured, educated and to discover the new environment around them.

We have gone from boxes of resources to a centre that is almost fully equipped to care for all of the new enrolments we have had since we opened. Most of the tears have dried and that sound has been replaced by running feet to get in the door and happy goodbyes. 

Each child has their own way of looking at the world and by starting off slowly we were able to get to know each and every one, their back ground, likes, fears and unique personalities.

The last 6 months have flown by so quickly, but in this time, babies have literally been away from their parents for the first time, taken their first steps, cut their first teeth and started talking. Toddlers are learning to share, (?), settle themselves for their naps and begin some friendships that may continue on to school. Our kinder children have learned colours, numbers and how to sit and listen at mat time and when eating their meals. So many milestones that we are all so privileged to be a part of, with each new day bringing wonder to to only the children, but all of the educators as well.



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