Parent Handbook

Please read this information carefully to assist you in settling your child into Mosaic, and to answer any questions you may have. If you require more detailed information please do not hesitate to consult with the Director, Administrator or a Qualified Member of staff.


A prologue and first chapter on the Mosaic Story:

The concept of developing the pre-existing church and hall site in Lawler Street into Mosaic Early Learning Centre was on the initiative of the South Perth Baptist Church after having served the community of South Perth for over 114 years, Pastor Steve Izett was called to spearhead this new vision in 2013.


This new revelation is now emerging and includes the redevelopment of the current church facilities into the “Mosaic School of Life”, which includes the Early Learning Centre. The new team are devoted to building a community that lives out the ‘Jesus’ way, helping connect people with God, with Self, with others and with opportunities to be difference makers in our world.


Mosaic ELC was granted a license on the 6th February 2014 by the Department of Local Government and Communities Education and care Regulatory Unit. The maximum number of children permitted per day is 52. Our service approval number is SE- 00014316


Mosaic Early Learning Centre has been created to provide a holistic environment where children and families can build a strong foundation for the future. We aim to nurture, educate and inspire not only the children who come into our centre, but also their families.

At Mosaic, we have endeavoured to create a space where everyone who visits feels welcome, respected and have a sense of belonging.

At Mosaic, we talk in the language of journey and story: creating learning experiences that allow children to develop and grow as they establish their own narrative and navigate through a series of educational and developmental pathways.

Parents, caregivers and family are the most important influence in a child’s life. At Mosaic, we view them as partners, collaborators and advocates for their child. As a child’s first teachers, you have a vital role in early development and we take into account the complexities of contemporary family life. We offer quality care and education programs as well as resources and support for the whole family.

Mosaic seeks to be a happy centre where children laugh, play, discover and, most importantly, where children can be children. Our curriculum is inspired on the Reggio Emilio philosophy that originated in Italy and has been internationally recognised for its outstanding quality of education, respect and care for children.

Child initiated and nature play is a part of our program. Studies show that children who play in natural settings play in more diverse, imaginative and creative ways and show improved language and sharing skills.

The Mosaic program also follows the principles, practice and outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Standards. Our educators are experienced in developing and implementing age-appropriate programs whilst taking into account the needs of each individual child.

With the knowledge that the early years of a child’s life are the foundation for their future success, it is our desire that children who leave Mosaic will be able to embrace the rest of their life journey with self-confidence, understanding and respect for all that they will encounter.


Places and Ages:

Mosaic is licensed to care for up to 52 children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. While the children will mostly be cared for in age appropriate spaces to protect, nurture and facilitate their development, we aim to create a family-like space, where movement between the rooms, whether to visit their siblings, take part in an activity or eat together is encouraged whenever possible.


The educator to child ratio will be maintained AT ALL TIMES as well as the laws, regulations and frameworks that govern and guide quality of care for your children.


Child Care Licensing:

The Department for Communities is responsible for regulating education and care services through their Education and Care Regulatory Unit. The Regulatory Unit contributes to the quality of child care in Western Australia by ensuring education and care services comply with the Education and Care National Law (WA) 2012 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2012.  A copy of both the Law and Regulations are available upon request.


Hours of Operation:

7.00am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday – 51 weeks of the year.

We are also closed for a week over Christmas, pending on which day of the week Christmas falls. We do not charge for this closure. We are also closed public holidays, which we do charge for.



Our current fees are tabled below and are payable two weeks in advance. When paying your account, our preferred method of payment is direct deposit into the following bank account:

Account Name         South Perth Community Resources Inc.

BSB: 036 302 Account Number: 331 459


Please use your family code as a reference when making your payment. We also offer Eftpos.    

$125 per day children 0- 2 years

$120 per day 2- 6years

If you are experiencing financial hardship please contact our Administrator on or ring the centre on 9368 1479.

Child Care Benefit and Rebate:

Please call Centrelink on 13 61 50 to enquire if your family is eligible for Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate. The Child Care Rebate is means-tested and assessed by Centrelink; the Child Care Benefit is not means tested and is available for all Australian working or studying families.  Registering for the Child Care Benefit and Rebate is the family’s responsibility. Please see the Administrator if you would like any information or assistance.



Bookings and Enrolments:

Expressions of Interest can be sent using the link on this website. Once this is received by admin, an acknowledgement will be sent. If a place is available, the Director will call you, or if not, you will be placed on the waiting list.

Other Bookings can be made when enrolled , by email to or by phoning during our opening hours on 9368 1479. Out of hours, please leave a detailed message, including your child’s name, the time you wish to book, and your phone number. You will be contacted to confirm your booking request. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment and to allow additional staff to be notified. Priority will be given to children with a regular booking.


Cancellations and Absenteeism:

If your child is going to be absent from Mosaic, please advise us as soon as possible to assist us in staff rosters. We have voicemail on which you can leave your details any time after hours to let us know if your child is not coming to the Centre. If possible, please put this request in writing to

For children that cancel temporarily due to holidays for example, please let the Centre know in writing or via email no less than two weeks prior to first day of absence. All absences will be charged for.

You can receive payment from Centrelink for any absence for up to 42 days per child per financial year. Additional absences beyond 42 days for certain reasons may be approved and paid. Please contact Centrelink for more details.

Public holidays will be counted as an absence if the child would normally have attended the service on that day.



Storypark is an easy-to-use private online service that helps teachers, parents and families work together to record, share and extend children's learning. You can capture a child's development by posting photos, videos, stories, moments, notes and responses.

  Creating a Storypark account is quick, easy and free for parents and families.

Storypark is 'child-centric' which means any account must be connected to a child's profile. If a child attends an early learning service that uses Storypark, a teacher can invite can create a Storypark child profile and invite the child's parent to it. Alternatively a parent can download the Storypark for Families iOS app or Android app and add their child's profile themselves. They can then invite family members to be part of that profile.

Why Storypark?

Supporting parents

  • Be part of your child’s day no matter where you are.

  • Extend your child’s interests and learning.

  • Record your child’s stories and keep them forever.

  • Share and collaborate with wider family in a safe, private environment.

  • Perfect for any parent or family situation, including working couples, separated parents and overseas relatives.

  • Free to access.

Enabling children

  • Enhanced learning opportunities.

  • Feedback and reinforcement from family.

  • Stimulates language and ideas.

  • Revisit stories to reinforce and extend learning.

  • Build an online record that grows with each child.

Check out this page on their website to understand more about how Storypark helps children and their families.

Download the Storypark for Families iOS app or Android app today and log in using your Storypark account. Visit the Storypark for Families Help Centre to learn more about the Storypark app.


Story Park is a portal and Ap that our educators post learning stories, programmes, observations, daily journals, an a way in which we can post community and direct conversations with families.


Arrival and Settling your Child:

Licensing requires that you must sign your child in and out on our Kiosk when you arrive and depart . If you do not complete these records accurately, you will not be eligible to claim the Child Care Benefit, you could be forced to repay any CCB already received and the Centre can be fined. Thank you for your help with this.


Parents/Caregivers need to ensure they allow extra time for the morning drop offs, especially in the initial phase of a child transitioning into Mosaic. Having that extra time will allow the parent to ease the child into the room and get them settled. It also means the parent or caregiver will have ample time to discuss issues and routines with the educators and form a relationship with them early on. The extra time every morning can help you establish those goodbye routines like reading a book before you leave or helping your child wash their hands before finding an activity to get involved in.

Always say Goodbye:

This can be difficult if a parent/caregiver knows their child will start crying when they say goodbye. They may be reluctant to bring up goodbyes and want to just flee the room when they see their child engaged. However, these beginning years for a child are full of development and they are just beginning to understand the concepts of trust and honesty. When a parent/caregiver does not say goodbye and slips out, a child may be confused and even more upset after the parent/caregiver is gone. It is very important to establish this trust. Parents/caregiver should not prolong the inevitable. Be kind and direct and say something like, “I have to go to work now. I will pick you up later on. I love you.” Give the child a hug or kiss and let the educator ease the child into an activity. If the child is crying and reaching for you, it will only prolong the crying if you stay.


Remember that the goodbye is inevitable and the sooner you can be on your way, the sooner the educator can begin to establish a trusting relationship with the child. Soon the child will trust the educator and understand better that goodbyes are not forever and you will come back for them. We will always ring you if your child does not settle after a reasonable amount of time and always feel free to ring the Centre if you are anxious about how your child is coping.



Families need to ensure that their child/children are picked up at the time nominated within service hours.  Allow 10- 15 minutes before the Centre closes for the transition and discussion with your child’s educator. If for any reason you are

running later than the normal hours, please advise the Centre as soon as possible. If a child is left at the service, the educators will ring every emergency contact available to them.  If they are still unable to contact the family, Crisis Care will be notified.  An educator will then wait with the child until Crisis Care staff or the police collect the child. Late fees also apply.


Please inform the Director if someone else is collecting your child, and ensure a contact number for that person is on the enrolment form or given to the room leader. A child will not be released to a sibling or anyone such as a babysitter less than 18 years of age. We will not let the child go home with anyone who has not been authorised by a parent/ caregiver to take him or her.


Court Orders:

If you have any Court Orders, Parenting Orders or Parenting Plans in place you must provide a copy to the Centre.  Details of any other court orders relating to your child’s residency or your child’s contact with a parent or other person must also be provided.


Child Protection:

All educators have a current Working with Children card as do all other administrative staff, relief staff, volunteers and trades people. Mosaic is a safe place for all members of our participating community.



In accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law (WA) Act 2012 and Education and Care National Regulations 2012 all personal information regarding your child and family will be kept confidential.


Staff Ratios:

The staff: child ratios contained within the Community Services (Child Care) Regulations and will be strictly adhered to at the Centre. These ratios are:


0-2 years 1:4

2-3 years 1:5

3-6 years 1:10


Child Care staff are called Early Years Educators. The staff who have industry specific Tertiary Education are called “Qualified”. Educators that assist the Qualified Staff are rotated on average each year. The system of rotation allows children who are progressing to an older age group to be with familiar staff.


The children will address the staff as Mrs. Miss, Mr. or Ms. and then their Christian name. For example, if an educator were called "Mrs. Jo Smith", the children would call her "Mrs. Jo". We believe this instills a level of respect and enables the children to differentiate between their peers and educators. By using the person's Christian name, there also has a higher degree of warmth compared to the more formal "Mrs. Smith".

Staff appreciates the room change and the challenge of a different age group.The

Qualified staff changes rooms less frequently and usually at the beginning of a year.


Children will be appropriately supervised at all times. Staff will position themselves where they can see all the children under their supervision, listen carefully to what is happening and know the children individually so they can anticipate their needs. Staff will join in the children’s play and encourage them to try new experiences.


Children outdoors will be supervised in small groups for safety; however children will be given opportunities for self-discovery and freedom of choice. Our educators will judge when children need an adult to facilitate play or will join in at the child’s request. Children will be regularly reminded of safety procedures for fixed play equipment. Children will also be encouraged to try new challenges as appropriate.



The arts are an integral component of our program.  Please do not send your child in clothing that you do not want damaged.  Our educators will ensure protective aprons are worn, however your child may get art products on their clothes.  All clothing items are to be clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please ensure your child has at least one set of spare clothes and a named hat for each session.


Personal Toys:

We understand that many children would like to bring toys to the Centre, however sharing these with other children can be a difficult concept for a child to grasp. We believe it is better to leave personal toys at home. If personal toys are bought in, we will place them in the child’s bag.



There are a variety of ways to communicate with educators and admin staff:

Face to face- Our roster is organized to ensure that a cross section of educators from each room is available at the beginning and he end of the day. Please let the educators know if you have any information to pass on, additionally, each room has a communication book that staff can pass messages on your behalf.

By telephone – Our system is programmed to put you through to your desired room, just follow the prompts.

By email- each room has their own email address:





Social media:

We have a facebook page “Mosaic Early Learning centre” . Mosaic Early Learning Centre has pictures of the children, ( faces blurred if needed), experiencing aspects of their day, special occasions, news, events, etc.



Mosaicprovides a curriculum that is focused on the children‘s individual needs and interests. We are very keen to support your child’s education and development, and provide connections between home and care. The Centre presents projects based on children’s initiative. These projects allow children to gain real world, hands-on experiences; ensuring they gain an understanding of their wonderings/ponderings.


Sharing Cultural Experiences:

At Mosaic, we have a genuine interest to provide an environment that helps children be successful in our increasingly diverse and multicultural world. We need to make sure that those in our care gain the appreciation and experiences that will enable them to be comfortable with others who have different skin color, language, or celebrations.

 We extend an open invitation to our families or friends throughout the community to come to our Service and share any celebrations, special days or traditions that are important to them.

 It gives the children and the Educators an opportunity to strengthen their connection to the world around them and their sense of belonging - not only to Mosaic, but also to their broader community.

 If you or someone you know has something they would like to share, please see us to arrange a time as well as any additional resources you may need.


Children moving rooms:

Children will be moved through the different care areas when it is appropriate. The decision to move a child up to the next room is based on a space being available, and the child being ready to cope with the move. The staff recognises that all children develop at their own pace and our professional judgment and personal knowledge of the child is used to ensure that the child’s needs are put first. With families, educators will complete a transition record, please see your room leader if you require any more information.


Infant Feeding:

If you are breastfeeding you are welcome to feed your baby at the Centre or provide expressed breast milk. If your baby is on formula it is essential that we have enough prepared bottles to last while your child is in care. Please remember to tell staff when the next feed is due. Please name all your child’s belongings.



We have facilities for your child’s sleep needs. Please let staff know of your child’s routine and needs for sleep.



Mosaic encourages parents to allow their children to share special celebrations. If you would like us to celebrate any occasion with your child, please talk to one of our educators.  Mosaic will only be able to accept cakes or food that is store bought and sealed with a list of ingredients. Mosaic is an allergy aware, nut free centre


 Clothing/Sun Protection:

Please provide a spare set of weather and sun appropriate clothing for your child in case of accident or mishap that is clearly labelled. Mosaic staff will apply SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen to exposed areas of your child’s skin before outdoor playtime.  We require that your child’s shoulders are covered with a t-shirt and that they wear their hat during outdoor play.



Please ensure there are sufficient nappies for your child each day. Small supplies of nappies are kept at the Centre and parents are asked to replace these if they are needed for their child.


 Toilet Training:

Please discuss your child’s toileting needs with the staff to maintain continuity between home and the Centre. If your child is currently toilet training, remember to pack lots of spare trainers and changes of clothes. Due to Health Regulations, children must wear nappies or pull ups until reliable with toileting.


Behaviour Management:

The Centre implements positive forms of behaviour guidance, to encourage children to learn appropriate means of interacting and engaging. The staff will always focus on giving children clear expectations, and provide support where needed. If you would like to discuss a behavioural issue, please speak to the Director or qualified educator responsible for your child.



A child must not attend if they are sick. The parent/caregiver will be asked to collect their child if their child becomes ill while at Mosaic. A child will not be accepted into care if they are ill, or showing signs of illness. Please ask staff if you are unsure on exclusion time frames for each illness. An exclusion time frame of at least 24 hours from the last loose bowel movement or vomit is needed before the child may return to child care to prevent risk of cross infection to other children and educators. Please let us know if your child was ill when they went home so we can let staff know and ensure room is cleaned. See link to policy



If medicine needs to be given to your child while in care, a medication form needs to be filled out and signed by the parent/caregiver. Medication cannot be administered without this written authorisation. All medicine must be given to the staff, NOT left in your child’s bag.


If your child has an allergy or special nutritional requirements, please ensure this is filled out in the enrolment form before your child starts with the Centre. A letter from your doctor, including an action plan and the required medication needs to be provided for allergies including anaphylaxis or asthma, etc. Medication needs to be in the original packaging, pre-dosed medicines are not acceptable. Our policy dictates that Qualified Educators need to cite medicine, child’s name on medicine, and dosage and have this crosschecked and signed off on the medication form before being administered.


Excursions/ Incursions

The upstairs hall  space is a great resource for Mosaic, especially on rainy or very hot days, with your permission, the children may use this space for dancing activities, gymbaroo style play, or any activity that we may out source a facilitator to lead a programme.


Mosaic purchased two six seater prams in September 2017. The children and educators love going for walks in the community to explore.



Assessment by the Director or a Supervising Officer of the injury will determine if the parent/caregiver or an ambulance will be contacted first. If the parent/caregiver is not available, the emergency contact number given on the enrolment form will be used.

In the event of fire or natural disaster the children will be evacuated to the designated evacuation point, as cited in our Emergency Evacuation Policy. The Centre will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


Supervising Officer:

In the event that the Supervising Officer (Person responsible for meeting Child Care Regulations) is unable to attend the Centre, a person to act in place of the Supervising Officer will be appointed.


Withdrawing your child:

If you are withdrawing your child, we require at least 2 weeks notice in writing to the Director on This includes end of year withdrawal at Christmas time. If you do not plan on re enrolling your child for the following year, please also let the Director know.


Grievance Procedure:

Grievance procedure is the process by which solutions are sought to resolve disputes in a fair, equitable and prompt manner. Grievances should be resolved as informally and quickly as possible by the parties involved. When the persons directly involved cannot resolve grievances informally, a formal grievance process should be taken (Please see the policy file in the office).


Retaining your Records:

The Centre is required to confidentially retain any records of your child for the following times.

  Record of injury must be retained until the child reaches the age of 24 years or as other wise stated in Child Care Regulations.

  Record of excursion from the Centre will be kept for three months from the date of the excursion.

  All records pertaining to staff, emergency procedures, enrolment forms, and attendance will be retained for a minimum of three years.


Thank you for taking the time to read our handbook. We hope it is helpful and we would be happy to answer any other questions. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.


Parent and family feedback is sought  and regarded highly. Please use the link on our notes page to submit any you may have. You also may email the Director at:





Thank you for taking the time to read our handbook. We hope it is helpful and we would be happy to answer any other questions. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.