Essential Oils at Mosaic

Mosaic enjoys using doTERRA Essential Oils, which compliment our bodies naturally.  You may already have had some experience with doTERRA Essential Oils yourself.  Our staff have personally found these very effective in assisting with their own health and wellbeing and as our philosophy states we are committed to a holistic environment for all. 

At Mosaic, we use Essential Oil Diffusers throughout the centre. The primary function of the diffuser is to expel fragrant air into the room by using a combination of the essential oils and water.  Topical use of the oils to the skin can aid teething, sleep, common colds, and skin irritations as well as many other common complaints.

The protocols for using the oils topically and aromatically are available from the centre.  If you do not want your child exposed to topical use of the oils please let the educators in your room know.

brad lewis