Daily Routines and Rituals

7:00am – Our opening time

Children begin to arrive and settle in for the day. The rooms are set up for a multi-age start. Depending on staff to child ratio requirements, we meet in the toddler’s room until numbers require us to go to our homerooms.

8:00am – Children continue to arrive

This is a time to play with play dough, puzzles, dolls, books, and construction … Weather permitting the start to the day may be outside ... A welcoming space to say goodbye to Mum, Dad or our caregiver.

9:30am – Transition to morning tea and a chat

The bell sounds signaling time to finish what we are doing and pack away. Reading and telling stories, songs, music and lots of discussion about what we have been doing, what we have seen and what we would like to do.

9:45am – Morning Tea

Time to wash our hands, have a snack, a drink and chat with friends and educators. 

10:15am – The morning program

Experiences from a range of disciplines that include literacy, cooking, gardening, art, drawing, dance, music, modelling, construction, outdoor, fine and gross motor activities, and dramatic play.

11:15am – Time to Tidy Away Together

11:30am – Story time

Educators present activities according to the dynamics, maybe a story, puppet play, rhythmical drama or percussion session. Also a chance to discuss our morning.

11:45am – Lunch and Transition to Rest

We all eat together and share what we've done in the morning. Children that sleep are prepared, while non-sleepers are offered quieter activities during this period.

12:30pm – The Centre is Quiet

1:45pm – Afternoon program begins

Time to play again, either inside or outside, weather permitting.  Children who are still sleeping wake up when ready and join their friends.

2:00pm – Afternoon program is offered and facilitated

Morning program activities may be extended and offered to children who didn’t partake, as well as introducing new activities and experiences.

2:45pm – Time to finish what we are doing and all help pack away

3:00pm – Afternoon Tea

Children again come together to eat, and maybe share some baking that has been done, have a drink and chat about their day.  

3:20pm – Free play inside or outside (weather permitting)

4.15pm – Story time

 And many other things to choose from depending on the mood, may be reading, songs, yoga or games – or all of these!

4:45pm – Late Snack

A small snack before home time. 

5:15pm – Free time

Also time to ensure children are prepared for going home.

6.00pm – Centre closes


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