Mosaic Early Learning Centre has been created to provide a holistic environment where children and families can build a strong foundation for the future. We aim to nurture, educate and inspire not only the children who come into our centre, but also their families.

At Mosaic we have endeavoured to create a space where everyone who visits feels welcome, respected and has a sense of belonging.

At Mosaic, we talk in the language of journey and story: creating learning experiences that allow children to develop and grow as they establish their own narrative and navigate through a series of educational and developmental pathways.

Parents, caregivers and family are the most important influence in a child’s life. At Mosaic, we view them as partners, collaborators and advocates for their child. As a child’s first teachers, you have a vital role in early development and we take into account the complexities of contemporary family life. We offer quality care and education programs,, as well as resources and support for the whole family.

Mosaic seeks to be a happy centre where children laugh, play, discover and, most importantly, where children can be children. Our curriculum is influenced by the Reggio Emilio philosophy that originated in Italy, and has been internationally recognised for its outstanding quality of education, respect and care for children.

Child initiated, and nature play, is an important part of our program. Studies show that children who play in natural settings play in more diverse, imaginative and creative ways and show improved language and sharing skills.

The Mosaic program also follows the principles, practice and outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Standards. Our educators are experienced in developing and implementing age-appropriate programs whilst taking into account the needs of each individual child.

With the knowledge that the early years of a child’s life are the foundation for their future success, it is our desire that children who leave Mosaic will be able to embrace the rest of their life journey with self-confidence, understanding and respect for all that they will encounter.

brad lewis